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Ketama HDH

A resin with highly relaxing effects!

High Density Herb (HDH) has been meticulously formulated to provide a deep sensation of relaxation, highlighting the properties of cannabidiol (CBD), THCP and the soothing effects of cannabinoids.

Let yourself be carried away by the exquisite HDH KETAMA resin, a precious combination of different cannabinoids formulated exclusively by Deli Hemp.

This resin embodies a harmonious fusion of molecules acting in synergy, coming as close as possible to the effects of THC-P and HHCP-O.

This powerful formula offers an exceptional, high-end experience, ideal for discerning users. HDH Ketama resin, derived from the Ketama cannabis variety renowned for its sweet, fruity aroma, promises a subtle union of flavours and aromas that will awaken the senses of resin aficionados.

Count on the power of HDH resin for a sensory escape and unrivalled well-being.

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Ketama HDH resin is a premium quality resin.

A superior quality hash formulated with the HDH cannabinoid mix.

Explore the intensity of HDH resins, renowned for their flavours reminiscent of the best Moroccan hash. HDH resin is the result of a specific extraction process, using solvents to isolate the cannabinoids from the plant material, creating a high concentration of cannabinoid blends such as CBD, THCP or HHCPO. CBD resins boosted to give you highly relaxing effects.

HDH, a powerful cannabinoid formula.

Find out how to use HDH resin with a vaporiser for the ultimate experience. Opt for a vaporiser with a specific grid because of the greater density and adhesion of HDH resin compared with other concentrates. Please note that our products are for external or aromatic use only, and it is recommended that you consult a healthcare professional before use.

What is Ketama?

Ketama was born in the heart of the Rif mountains in Morocco.

Originating in the Ketama region of Morocco, this resin is distinguished by its exceptional quality, aroma and strength, the result of traditional cultivation exploiting the unique natural conditions of the region. The traditional cultivation of cannabis is rooted in the way of life of the local people, becoming an integral part of the region's cultural identity. This centuries-old history gives Ketama a special aura, the legacy of a long tradition of cultivation and know-how. The robustness of Ketama resin comes from its high percentage of HDH, giving it a delicate, earthy and slightly sweet aroma.

Ketama CBD, Ketama HDH, Ketama THCP: multiple variants are available.

From CBD-rich options offering a harmonious balance between relaxation and well-being to innovative versions such as THCP, pushing back the boundaries of psychoactive experiences, and HDH, a powerful formula with relaxing effects similar to THC-P, each variant offers a unique experience. In addition to these three main variations, Ketama comes in a multitude of versions, each with its own aromatic and cannabinoid characteristics. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or a curious explorer of the cannabis world, dive into this sensory adventure and discover the magic of these different expressions of Ketama, each offering a distinct journey through this diverse cannabinoid landscape.

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Take advantage of our fast and discreet delivery service to receive a selection of CBD, THCP, HHCPO and HDH products quickly and confidentially at great prices. We are committed to ensuring prompt delivery of our quality products, combining efficient delivery with the discretion necessary to ensure your privacy. Whether you're looking for the benefits of CBD, the unique experience of THCP, the novelty of HHCPO, or the relaxing effects of HDH, our delivery service strives to provide you with a smooth and secure experience, direct to your door, so you can enjoy these products conveniently and affordably.

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