Vapes HDH offers you Puff, Vapes, Cartridges and HDH (High density Herb) E-liquids.

HDH (High Density Herb) vapes, including popular brands such as Puff, are a type of vaporiser specially designed to process high-density herbs. These devices differ from conventional vapes in that they have a much larger chamber, which allows them to hold and heat a larger amount of herb, providing a more potent and satisfying vaping experience.

There are several components to consider when looking at HDH valves - these are the vape itself, the pod and the cartridge. Each plays an important role in shaping your vaping experience.


The central processing unit, or vape, is essentially the engine of the operation. It's responsible for heating the HDH e-liquid and turning it into vapour, which you then inhale. The quality of your vape can greatly influence the intensity and flavour of your experience.

The HDH cartridge :

Finally, the cartridge (sometimes used interchangeably with the 'pod') is where you place your herb before inserting it into your vape. HDH vape cartridges are designed to withstand the higher temperatures required to vaporise high-density herbs.

HDH E-liquid:

Ready-to-use e-liquids available in several strengths and flavours. So you can simply vapourise with your electronic cigarette all day long.